C++ Trivial Logger


C++ Trivial Logger (CxxTL) is a simple library that contains basic functionality for logging and runtime debugging. The aim of the library is to support programs in testing methodologies.


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C++ Trivial Logger is a lightweight library for logging, and runtime debugging. Motivation for preparing this small library was that sometimes there is a need of checking what is stored in huge containers e.g. STL containers. Sometimes there is a need to observe what user place in to the GUI and sometimes with that knowledge we can make statistics of preferred user style. Sometimes we want to observe partial results from algorithm, which need to be iterated in many steps and so on.
The biggest feature of that library is that it can handle all data, even in the static initialization and static destruction processes. This is very important, because in C++ programs many structures are initialized before main() function begins, and are destroyed after main() function,

Library requirements:

  • C++ Standard Library - generally distributed with compiler.



Description of demo:

Demonstration program shows how to use library in some simple cases.


Boost License v. 1.0

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Acknowledgements to:

Wiktor Adamski, Jędrzej Dudkiewicz, Alan Griffiths, Paul Johnson, Mateusz Łoskot, Roger Orr, Ric Parkin and Piotr Wyderski


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